About Us

Hello! *waves*

We'd like to tell you a little about ourselves and what you can expect from us.

A brief history

In 2011 we opened an eBay shop selling end of line stock from well known high street stores. We had a whole range of products for the home, such as furniture and toys, and whilst we enjoyed the experience it all seemed a little stale for our tastes, with the lifeless flat-packed boxes and countless hours checking stock in. There was something missing.

Admittedly it took us a little time to find that spark, that one bit of inspiration, and in early 2013 we decided to follow one our passions - baking. It all started with a sample batch of silicone moulds. In reality the plan was to keep some for ourselves and we'd see if the rest would sell on eBay. They did - quickly.

With the baking market already one of the largest in the world we didn't really know where we'd fit in. We had a love for baking and cooking but selling these products was something new. Could we really find a foothold in an already saturated marketplace?

From samples to shipments

After seeing how well our initial samples sold we took the decision to divert our spending budget away from furniture and into more baking products. It seemed like the logical step to follow something we actually enjoy doing ourselves.

We spent many hours researching new products and suppliers and within a matter of months we were getting weekly shipments delivered to our door. This was certainly the start of something big. We'd gone from a few products to well over a hundred in just half a year and the positive response from customers continued to drive us further.

The birth of Bakers Bond

Being an online-only company we decided to try and enhance our web presence. With our eBay outlet standing firmly on it's own two feet it was time to combine that with a website. Having traded as our actual company name, So Snazzy Ltd, we wanted to have a more precise, direct trading name. After some deliberation, Bakers Bond was born.

In 2014 we opened our new website, www.bakersbond.co.uk, with the aim to reach further into cyberspace than ever before. It's a place for those who don't like to shop on eBay, or perhaps for those who happen to stumble across us after searching for baking products. And - because we are not bound by eBay's countless fees, we are able to offer customers extra discount on our products.

Following on from the launch of our website, we created our Facebook page - a place for us to share our products, ideas and offers. It's a place where we can express ourselves and share the baking love with other members. Give us a like and let's get to know each other.

And finally

We would like to express our thanks to our customers, the community and of course our families for the support they've offered us. None of this would be possible without you all and together we hope we can continue to bring you the best level of service and the most exciting of products for many years to come.